Looking for a partner/JV for SEO Telemarketing

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Looking for a partner/JV for SEO Telemarketing

Post  sbglobal on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:06 am

I don't know if this approach is new for you or it's been around for a long while but this is the outsourcing business I am running right now.

I opened a telemarketing company that focuses on small and medium businesses in all states of US. I currently have 23 telemarketers and just transferred to our new office so I decided that we should expand. We are calling businesses and offer SEO services on their existing websites and so on. We talk directly to the business owners and we have tons of leads.

There are lots of businesses out there who doesn't know about SEO and pays a lot for online advertisements.

This is very effective since one of my partner are getting more than 3 clients additional per week. This is a good approach for business with or without website and it is a cheap advertising for them.

I would like to have a partner or partners who has an established SEO offering services or they can look for a an SEO company who will pay for the hourly rate of my telemarketers.

If you don't have an SEO company, you can also be a partner by referring SEO company to use our telemarketing services. You can offer them a higher rate and give us the project for just $6 per hour for the telemarketers each. You can be a broker and just refer us someone or SEO company who is willing to pay more than $6 per hour for a telemarketer and you get the rest of the money above $6 per hour. A telemarketer in the US costs $10 per hour so this will be a good deal.

No sweat for you. Just refer/give us SEO clients and we'll do the rest. You can have your own contract with them and you will be our middle man. You can say that it's your business charging them higher price per hour and we take care of the manpower.

Just pass the job to us and feel that this business is your own too.

We also offer blog commenting. link building, article writing, article spinning, social bookmarking, etc.

No money investment needed.

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